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State of the K-12 MarketThe flagship report from EdNET Insight Research is its annual State of the K-12 Market series, providing a comprehensive overview of the K-12 education market. Based upon large-scale surveys of district curriculum and technology leaders, as well as classroom teachers, and authored by highly regarded industry analysts, the series is essential reading for a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the K-12 education market.

Classroom Trends—Teachers as Buyers of Instructional Materials and Users of Technology is based on wide-scale survey findings from more than 1,300 teachers and key trends affecting classrooms today. Topics addressed include teacher budgets and purchasing, available classroom technologies and digital instructional materials- what features teachers value and roadblocks they have encountered. Also addressed is how teachers find- and create - their own instructional materials they use in their classes.

Educational Technologies covers educational technologies, including hardware (classroom technologies and personal computing devices - tablets, Chromebooks, etc.), and enterprise management systems (SIS, LMS, Data Warehouse and Analytics). In addition, it provides data about district technology priorities, device purchase plans, implementation rates of various technologies and initiatives (one-to-one computing, BYOD programs), penetration rates of system providers, and other developments affecting technology in K-12 settings. We explored the decision-making role of the district-level Technology Director and their expectations of vendors surrounding student data privacy and security.

Educational Materials focuses on a wide range of topics including the district instructional budget outlook, factors influencing the purchase of digital instructional materials, purchase plans of instructional materials by subject and grade level, the resources needed from assessment providers, and the penetration rate of assessment and test-prep providers. Also explored are online and blended learning, newer instructional models (e.g., flipped classrooms) and the emerging STEM market.

Principals’ Perspectives on Instructional Initiatives and Purchasing Decisions examines school principals’ visions and priorities about a broad range of instructional models and programs, the status and role of technology in their schools, and numerous issues related to improving student achievement and outcomes. It also explores decision making about education products and services for the school level, information sources for new products, discretionary school budgets and authorized spending thresholds.


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